Subterranean  Technical Asset Center (SUBTAC)

SUBTAC is a 2,300 sq ft state-of-the-art data center residing in a high-tech cavern 130 ft underground, near Lexington, Kentucky, to provide maximum protection and security for your files. Your personal server can be placed in one of our dedicated racks and cages, or you can use one of our secure servers to store your data. Either way, your mission-critical information will be extremely well-protected in our Kentucky underground data storage facility.

How Are You Different From Other Data Centers?

Traditional data centers are located in metropolitan areas and are subject to natural disasters or other physical threats. As a result, organizations usually opt to use a data center in a separate region or are forced to accept a less secure off-site option at a branch office.

Utilizing a regionally separate data center means your data and/or expensive equipment is located in another city or state, increasing the cost of maintenance and still will not prevent loss or damage by a natural disaster. KUSI’s data center is regionally located for convenience, while still providing protection from those threats.

Why Store Data Underground?

Aside from the natural security of our underground layout from natural disasters, your will also enjoy the security of knowing that your data is maintained in a climate-controlled environment with redundant HVAC systems, Halon fire suppression systems, dual battery and diesel generator backups and facility-wide surge protection.

Our subterranean technical asset center boasts 10″ thick poured concrete walls and ceiling and multi-layered security measures including motion-detectors and camera surveillance 24/7. As a Kentucky Underground Data Center client, you will also enjoy access to surveillance cameras from your computer, tablet or smartphone to literally look in on your server any time, day or night.

What is a Data Bunker?

The natural protection of our underground data center, in addition to the physical and high-tech security measures we employ to keep your data safe, means some people refer to us as a Data Bunker. We consider it a compliment! No matter what’s going on above ground, we keep your data safe.

Why Use a Data Center in Kentucky?

Setting up your corporate server at Kentucky Underground means you can have the security of a rural underground location, the convenience of being located in central Kentucky (just outside of Lexington), and the benefit of using our high-speed data access rates. We are the demarcation point for the fiber ring that runs through Nicholasville and Wilmore, which means you can enjoy speeds of well above 1GB x 1GB when accessing your information from any location, anywhere, anytime. If you have particularly challenging needs for speed, we have access to build-out for even faster speeds to meet those demands.

SUBTAC Data Security Features

There are many benefits and options when you choose to store your server and/or your data with Kentucky Underground Storage’s SUBTAC Data Center:

  • Multi-layer security with motion sensors and surveillance cameras
  • 10 inch thick, poured concrete, walls and ceiling, 130 feet underground
  • Fully redundant HVAC system
  • Halon (hfc-227ea) fire suppression
  • Battery and diesel generator backup
  • Built-in facility-wide surge suppression
  • High-speed redundant internet access
  • Shared or independent rack space
  • Shared or independent cages for your rack(s)

SUBTAC Data Center Services

  • Co-Location – use your servers or other equipment
  • Disaster Recovery – reserve space in KUSI’s data center or place cold spares for DR
  • Private Cloud Networks – run your entire company from your own virtual network
  • Cloud Backup
  • Build to Suit

SUBTAC Custom Services

Need to do something outside of the box? Perfect! We would welcome the opportunity to customize our offerings to your individual data security needs! Contact us today to discuss your needs and those extra features that would make your business data work more efficiently. We can build the solution you need.